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Laser cutting technology in the mold industry highlights the advantages
In recent years, the rapid development of mold industry, and the traditional way of processing has been far from meeting the existing development, transformation and development imperative. The advantage of laser in the mold industry has become increasingly prominent.Our country is mostly used in the mold processing also is imported, and enterprises in the investment and growth in the proportion of very large, a mold processing equipment needs about 10000000000 yuan a year, and mold enterprise equipment demand is sustainable in the long run, this means that for laser equipment to say is a very big opportunity.Mold coverage is very extensive, provide spare parts for automobile, instruments, household appliances and other industries, in the mold mold processing market accounted for 60% market share, also means that the laser cutting machine in the mold industry; landing potential, there is still a huge share of the cake waiting for the laser cutting machine to seize.

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